Sunday, October 10, 2010


hello everyone..yeess!! today date is so COOL..many people decided to get married on this date..last year 09/09/09..this year 10/10/10.. next year 11/11/11 <--- ehem, so special for someone i love..hehe~ now i would like to present you all..good things happen i know some..if you guys want to add more, feel free okey!

:: my relative Bayan Baru last, i can eat nasi minyak..if i have to wait for you all... haishhh~~ too long journey to go.... they 'akad' in the morning and bersanding in the afternoon.. ^^ i heard tok kadi meng'akad'kan 6 pasangan hari nie dlm masjid yang sama.. WOW aka word of wonder! DAEBAK!!
:: and to DR Sheikh Muzaphar n isteri tersayang Dr Harlina...
~~ ucapan moga kekal abadi selamanya...moga dapat anak anak yang chumel aje.. ><

yaaaa~~ abang aku wat facebook plak...aduhh~~ gler kowt.. i shout KIM HEECHUL super junior wat facebook!! sabo jelah...nak update sal dya at twitter pun..every hour tweet..mampus SJ translator wehh..~~~ oppa, just layan twitter dah ler ek..dun layan FB,bukannyer best pun..and u hve too many friend requestlah oppa...aigoo~~ [-___-]''

today is WU CHUN or WU ZUN cool my gege~~ ehehe... chaiyok FAHRENHEIT!! once u all got into my life, i will never forget you all even i have somebody that i love more~~ ><

p/s: feel free to add dear friends..or maybe i hv some words to kata kita delete jew blog niey? tak meriah pun..kita plak asyik busy jew... amacam? dah nk demam da blog dibuatnya..agagaga~~ aku REDHA! aku wat sambil twitter-ing so merapu lagi..mianHAE!

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