Tuesday, November 16, 2010


ehem..hik~ aku lupa nak upload niey.. ^^ signature and poster...
love the words on the poster... (>.<)
p/s : this is real... hik~

Sunday, November 14, 2010

symphony of Islam

ehem...its me DAHLIA..selalu aku post sal Super Junior kan3..meh cnie, nak berubah skit..hik~ =P

semalam 13/11/2010, aku pergi 'konsert' <-- bley jela gelar konsert tapi de artis nasyeed dgn budak CFS ar..huhu~ ^^
best kowt coz this is my first time.. ada --->>
:: Far-East
:: Algebra(nasyeed band)
:: zapin from budak ALAM SHAH (adeq2 aku tue weh...chumel jew..hik)
:: budak CFS (centre for foundation studies) buat dikir barat and nyanyi lagu Maher Zain dgn play guitar *p/s: me like guy yg play guitar..hik..so sweet..*

dikesempatan itu, meh aku nak bg photos sikit..huk~~ ALL THIS PHOTO CREDIT TO ME DAHLIA AND MY ROOMMATE SYAFIQAH~~ if u wanna take out, please in the FULL CREDIT~!!!

:: ni group Algebra n UNIC skit tepi tue,huhu~sesi photography pas performance.. ::

:: guess who? *breath in breath out* this is vokalis for Algebra..nama diberi Bro Ahnaf..budak IIUM GOMBAK, AED student..during performance dya de nyanyi lagu ost AdamMaya tajuk 'Yang Terindah' sweet gler kot..semua ternganga aku rasa..haha..dahla muka cam Sein <-- bak kata rumate aku... ::

:: tgh sign poster aku n my rumate..really credit to HER~! ::

:: lagi..hik~ korunk pasan byk gler gambo dya..haha..opps, profile dya lagi..asal Terengganu.. ::

:: ni group Far-East..yg popular dgn lagu menanti di barzakh ((tulus ikhlas aku tak tahu pun group mana nyanyi lagu tue till yesterday nite)) dowg so kalakar...yang sebelah kanan sekali, pemalu tol mlm tue..budak Darul Quran ^^ ::

:: again, Far-East..this is so credit to SYAFIQAH~!! duk depan3 dowg lagi... ::

~~ ehem, de cter sebenornya disebalik 2 photos di bawah niey...how my dear rumate amik gmbar clear in front of him cam kat bawah nie...

camnie ek..rumate aku guna my HP nokia tue..hik, i think my HP is so attractive dgn cam mirror kat depan tue..then she took his pic from far..Bro ni plak terperasan ar kot..so terjadilah perbualan seperti --->
Bro : adeq, jauh sangat tue, tak nampak..dtg ar depan skit.. (then rumate aku pun pergi ar depan skit, then she mengomel 'ish xclear ar'..mana tahu Bro tue dgr gak)
Bro : jauh sangat tue, datangla depan lagi, depan abang... (pe lagi, rumate aku hah, pergi depan2 muka dya..then he SMILED!!) proven yerk....

:: this is the photo the very excellent photo taken by my rumate and using my HP <-- haha, xley blah ::

:: nampak, he looked at my HP (rumate aku tangkap..hik) ni gambar sebelum dya suh dtg dekat lagi... ::

:: tgh sign Azwan Far-East..suara dya sedap sgt! dya de wat suara latar kat Astro Oasis tiap kali pas azan..::

:: member Far-East gak..huhu.. ::

:: cam magnae ( member pling muda) pemalu sungguh..tiap kali my rumate nk amik gambo dya, dya mesti tunduk jew... ::

:: Far-East ::

~~ this is UNIC ~~

:: members UNIC ::

:: Bazli UNIC ::

:: johan Akademi Quran musim ke-3 yang juga member UNIC.. Fakhrul ::

:: Fadzli UNIC, best pose! ::

:: UNIC tgh sign autograph ::

:: tak tdo mlm kot rumate aku coz dya yg tgkap photo nie, 2 kali plak Bro Fakhrul smile at her ::

okey, thats all..please eh take out in FULL credit...
to Pqah, U R DA BEST ahh~~~ *p/s : going to do the same for my suju ^^..hope they come here next year*

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

heart matter - - -

the matter of heart is ubiquitous..
just for today, i'm sure there must be millions of people
who fall in love and surely there must be people who lost
their love ones.. the BREAK-UP of a couple comes with many reasons..

-got dumped for no exact reason
-they are not into each other anymore
-found new hot chicks or gorgeous lads
and other thousands of reasons..

ok girls, lately..i kinda have a hunch that some of us
or maybe ALL of us are facing HEART problem..
well..it's not about having heart attack or high blood pressure..
but it's about the thing that make u fly in the sky 'LOVE'
i don't know whether my assumption is right or wrong..
but this is my thought..^_^

peeps..'being loved' or 'loving someone' is absolutely INEVITABLE..
it's normal to have CRUSH with someone as we are NORMAL
except when idea gila pops out from our mind n we become
orang tak betol coz we do crazy things..hahaha~~
there's a saying 'LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST'..
sue us for making it true..! ^_~

i'm of the opinion that it is not WRONg to get involve
in this love stuff as long as we KNOW n BELIEVE in ourselve
that we can handle it WISELY..
before that..ask yourself, are u QUALIFIED enough
to love someone else..??
and YOURSELF good enough so that u can love SOMEONE else..?
think DEEPLY.. because ONLY u can answer this questions..
your babes can't give u the answer becoz it is your own personal questions
that need to be answered..

i'm sure we have met lots of peeps out there and sometime
kite terjebak dan terSUKA certain people..
it's not a FAULT to 'jatuh suka' dengan org
but bear in our mind..
'study' is the FIRST PRIORITY..
no more failure because A FAILURE WILL LEAD TO
there should b no more phrase
"i'm such an imbecilic,silly girl.."
we are ALL BRILLIANT but it's up to us to be brilliant or not..

take a very good care of our 'HATI' yg sebenarnya takde pown
bentuk hati..hahaha~~
HLOVATE wrote in one of her books..

-sayang u guys..-

ada ole-ole sket..dipetik dr FACEBOOK

jika BELUM siap.. cintailah dalam DIAM

Bila belum siap melangkah lebih jauh dengan seseorang,

cukup cintai ia dalam diam ...karena diammu adalah salah satu bukti cintamu padanya ...

kau ingin memuliakan dia, dengan tidak mengajaknya menjalin hubungan yang terlarang,

kau tak mau merusak kesucian dan penjagaan hatinya..

karena diammu memuliakan kesucian diri dan hatimu..

menghindarkan dirimu dari hal-hal yang akan merusak izzah dan iffahmu ..

karena diammu bukti kesetiaanmu padanya ..

karena mungkin saja orang yang kau cinta adalah juga

orang yang telah ALLAH swt. pilihkan untukmu ...

ingatkah kalian tentang kisah Fatimah dan ALi ?

yang keduanya saling memendam apa yang mereka rasakan ...

tapi pada akhirnya mereka dipertemukan dalam ikatan suci nan indah

karena dalam diammu tersimpan kekuatan ... kekuatan harapan ...

hingga mungkin saja Allah akan membuat harapan itu menjadi nyata

hingga cintamu yang diam itu dapat berbicara dalam kehidupan nyata ...

bukankah Allah tak akan pernah memutuskan

harapan hamba yang berharap padanya ?

dan jika memang 'cinta dalam diammu' itu tak memiliki kesempatan

untuk berbicara di dunia nyata,biarkan ia tetap diam ...

jika dia memang bukan milikmu, toh Allah,

melalui waktu akan menghapus 'cinta dalam diammu' itu

dengan memberi rasa yang lebih indah dan orang yang tepat ...

biarkan 'cinta dalam diammu' itu menjadi memori tersendiri

dan sudut hatimu menjadi rahasia antara kau dengan Sang Pemilik hatimu ...

NB. Postingan temannya Aldiansyah(Share by: Arytha Rusianty)

-p/s : ignore my grammar..u cn correct it as ur wish

Saturday, November 6, 2010


it has been quite a while since my last post..
bear to read this girls.. just thought something n
wanna share with u guys..

obligation vs hard time = excuse

quite confusing aite..?

the past few days, i've been asked to do something
that i find quite hard to fulfill it..
because of some obstacles..
but then..i received a text (mssg)
it was written there "if u r about to ignore ur responsibility
u shouldn't take it at the very beginning.."
i came to think about it..
yeah..it's absolutely true..
people who give excuses..
are those who r not responsible enough to give
any commitment..
but don't blame the other party..
if he/she can't make it true..
there'll surely be an explanation about that..

peeps..excuses will bring no good to us..
it might stab us from behind..
whatever u gonna do.. think deeply..
there'll be solutions for any problems/questions..

p/s : sy kena sound dgn abg sy td..kasihan sy..

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I HAD A CRUSH on someone!!!