Sunday, October 10, 2010

10.10.10__ 0-0 (over)


for the past few days.. i got a sign that i will b meeting someone (mata aku asyik blink jer-tok aku cakap org JAUH nak dtg..- i don't really believe in such thing ^_~)

i met someone whom i suppose to meet a long time ago..
that gUY was so LUCKY for not having my lima jari on his face..
owh god..i've been holding grudge for such a long time.. n finally i got the chance to meet him..
owh GOD..sumpah MUKA nampak BAIK giler.. no one will ever punch him even if he steal GOLD.. muka innocent.. owh MAN... u r so damn lucky to have such an innocent face..

actually he did something that he shouldn't ever done...
what was it..? naaa.. i think it's just 4 me to know..
but THANK GOD... everything was finally settled..and he did give me his words to stay away from doing those unaccepted behaviour...

i hope n i WANT him to keep his words..
IF he ever breaches the promise..he'll be such a DEADMEAT..!

10.10.10 - man, i keep ur words..

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