Wednesday, April 27, 2011


change to a better jeans

salam peeps..

i've been thinking and pondering for a quite some times.. am i still the old me as back to my old school days..? or did i change..? do people love me or do they hate me..?

the only thing which i think does not change at all is my mulut 'aci-redah-jer'..

i knew..i know and will always know.. it can be my strength and weakness..

people get hurt when the words that came out from my mouth didn't please them.. or in the other word..SARCASTIC.. i used to love sarcasm and until now i still do..

but..i notice that people around me DON'T.. those who are used to listen to my talking will find it nothing but on the other hand.. people who are not close to me..will find it RUDE..

yeahh..i'm still trying to change it.. to be more cautios.. i'm still learning to lihat-kiri-kanan before i cross the road (before i start talking)..

but seriously.. i HATE it when people who do not even know or see me.. talk rubbish and insult me.. *who in the world LOVE it when they get insulted..? =_='

yes.. you have the RIGHT TO SPEAK.. but don't ever judge me before you know me..

i can take it if you use my 'PIPI' as the source of joke.. but i can NEVER take it if you use it to insult me.. I don't give a DaMn when you 'kutuk' me if and ONLY if i know you and you are my friend.. i'm not that decent or a typical malay girl yang cakap sopan santun all the time.. i'm just me... it's good to be a decent girl but i can't be the one who does not have the REAL ME inside it..

i'm gonna change..but it TAKES time.. COERCION or anything related to that word will only make me DON'T use that although your intention is noble.. advice me in a wise way.. because it's the best way ever taught to us by our beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD p.b.u.h..

HATERS.. hate me with all the strength you have.. because it will never bother me.. i have ALLAH and those who love me to support me..


p/s: girls jom lepak.. :P

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