Tuesday, January 26, 2010

super junior..

ahah..teka ini siapa? maksud aku.. yang menulis entry bowink niey.. korang jgn marah aku ekk.. saja nak kongsi kegembiraan + kesedihan.. ~~
aku dah beralih arahlah.. dah menduakan ehem..u know who.. erm, sejak bila ekk.. tak baikkan aku.. tak pernah setia.. haha.. poyoo statement!!
i really in love with 13 members of super junior..and i think suju fit me more then ss501..haha.. but what can i say here is someone who loves ss501..they might love suju and vice versa..i think thats true.. =p suju punya warna rasmi is sapphire blue while ss501 is green (hijau pudina)..erm, my fav colour is always blue...see.. suju hwaiting!! lagipun ss501 kata nak buat konsert kat sini but now aku dapat taw suju plak yang nak datang.. tepat bila aku mula suka dowang..inikah jodoh yang tak berapa nak sampai? haha..
as u can see, super junior will come to malaysia for a concert this march..for sure, i cannot go..hahaha (pretend!) huwaaaaaaa...if there are some miracle for me..i really wanna see them perform on stage..very lucky for those who can go to the concert.. jealous!!!! (*_*)
during this 'holiday'..suju really make my day...jinja...!!
with their honest relationships..their jokes..even me cry and laugh a lots! there is one episode in ehb (explorating human body) they prank eunhyuk and ryeowook to make them cry.. the scene really touched me as eunhyuk say "i thought our relations is more like brothers than just members".. why is he said like that? it just because one of other member > shindong wanna quit from suju.. he feels sad.. and you know what? i was crying when i see it eventhough it just a prank..
it also remind me of our story, when i wanna quit from 7 flowers.. we cry a lot just like them..i really thankful because now i know, i have such a very good friends.. i always hope that i have friends like suju and ss501..they love and take care each other very much..i cant write but if you have free time, you can watch their show and somehow, you will know what i feel towards them..maklumlah, i niey kan anak tunggal.. haha.. no one to play with.. i carilah alternatif lain hingga jadi seorang yang gilakan k-pop... (^_^)
super junior members and what i feel towards them :
~leeteuk..leader..very cute and caring leader..he has dimples..loves white and his nickname angel (angel without wings) haha!!he loves his dongsaengs very much..
~heechul..erm, he is funny..with his styles..jokes..he do make me laugh a lots..caring to his dongsaengs also..has very sharp eyes..he know whether it is hidden camera or not..he likes to prank other members..haha..
~eunhyuk..rapper in suju..likes to make other people laugh..very cute..he2..loves his hyung and other members very much..thats what i see most from their shows..
~donghae...fishy..my fav..very2 cute..i love his smile..good dancer
~sungmin..cutie of suju.. he likes pink..
~ryeowook..cute2..has a nice voice..
~yesung..funny i guess..haha..
~siwon..fuhh..smart..likes sports..erm, i think tulip gonna likes him.. haha..
~hangeng..chinese member..often said he is a foreigner in suju full house as he is not good in hangul..he cooks to other members and the famous one is beijing fried rice..yummy..but now i heard that he wanna leave suju? nope2 i guess.. and i also heard that heechul also will leave suju if he leaves!! nehiii... it never gonna happen..u already promise that never separate and apart from each other.. better keep ur promise!!
~kibum..cute2..but now he really busy acting..is he gonna come with other members for the concert?
~kyuhyun..magnae of suju..has a very nice voice..
~shindong..rapper in suju..cute teddy bear..
~kangin..very2 funny!!!!!dont know what to say..sometimes he can be a bad person towards other members..haha but not too bad okey.. now, he had some cases..he felt really sorry to ELF (oh, now i'm a elf member! haha.. ELF stand for everlasting friend and it is for super junior fans)..he even cries during super show at hong kong! leader leeteuk and siwon wipe away his tears..so touching..
**babes, kalo korang tak suka aku cam asyik post benda2 cenggini, gitaw ar.. aku saja nak luahkan apa yang aku rasa.. sorry ekk buat cam blog sendiri tapi kalo korang tak suka, tell me okey.. dont keep it..korang pun taw aku camnakan kalo exicted..he2.. (muka xmalu betul)..
~super junior is not super junior without 13 members!! everlasting friends.. and 7 flowers is not 7 flowers without 7 members!! got me girls? kita dah lama x contact and aku rindu kamoo.. masih adakah ruang di hati u all girls?? i hope soo..
by the way, aku rasa tak elok kalau kita nak kutuk orangkan..maksud aku, kalau kita tak suka someone, diam jewlah kan..and nape suka sgt nak mengata kesukaan orang.. example.. "eh, kau minat ss501 and super junior? apa class nak minat kat mamat2 jambu tue?".. korang rasa sakit hati x? biarlahkan..sebabnya kalau cita rasa sama, aku rasa, aku dah amik husband dya sebab sama taste!!! hahhhhhh.....ahakz..

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