Monday, March 28, 2011

love letter

As far as i'm concerned, I don't really know what love is..

what i mean is the love or affection towards the ooposite sex

bcoz yeaahh..i'm still young ^__~ i don't think i'm matured enough

to handle all these lovy dovy things..hohoho~~

peeps, when the word LOVE pop out in my mind, suddenly

i came to think about the communication of love.

well, how love is communicated? is it through gazes?stares?

holding hands? or it just happened naturally when the right person comes?

I can't help u to find the absolute and correct answer

but i give u my word..if i know how does it happens

i'll tell u guys..which implicitly means that when i'm in love with someone ^_~

Back to the subject 'love letter'.

why did i put that words as the title..

well..i think letter is one of the ways to impart one's feeling to another

I know email or phone call will do better in confessing one's feeling as it

uses less energy (write,buy stem n post) but i do feel that love letter is kinda

sweet and romantic ^_~ *ok..i know it sounds cheesy..

our parents or our elders probably had gone throgh that phase which

is called 'flying-love-letter-to-you-darling' to their spouses

so, there must be something interesting about this kind of communication

although now it seems so OUTDATED

below are some reasons that can be figured out by me :

1---> There were no handphones or computers available back then

yeah, if and only if handphones and computers were available

30 to 40 years ago.. letter would not be their medium in

confessing their feelings. Due to this problem, letter seemed to be

a practical way to communicate their love ^_~

2---> It can guarantee one's privacy (this refers to today's situation)

Of course everything that is written in the LOVE letter is private

because it deals with heart matter. But why did i say that one's privacy

can be ensured? Logically, there is only small percentage that people in

this 21st century will be writing love letter as they might believe it is

ancient,outdated, so on and so forth

Thus, one will not be inspected to receive a LOve letter when he/she receives

a letter although when they actually are..

make sense right..?

3---> It can be stored for a long time

Text message or email will be deleted after sometimes but love letter is

hard to be deleted unless it is intentionally disposed.

It can last longer then the other electronic devices and methods.

Imagine peeps, when you and your spouse have grown old

then you discover those love letters that you wrote

so many years ago, i'm sure you will smile with tears on your cheeks..

aaawwwwww~~so romantic..told yaa ^_~

That's all from me peeps. If u guys have some more reasons..

feel free to give comments. LOVE u guys

p/s : I received one..ahakkss ^_~

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