Saturday, February 12, 2011



before i continue my writing.. i would like to apologize to those yg terasa dgn post sebelum ni...
it's was just a piece of thought of mine.. so kalau u guys tak puas hati i can do nothing..
enough with that.. ^_~

alhamdulillah.. akhirnya MR HOSNI MUBARAK telah meletak jawatan selepas berlaku a big chaos in MESIR... semoga MALAYSIA takkan melalui saat gentir macam tu... konsep demokrasi yg kita amalkan sememangnya dapat membantu kita to keep the peace and harmony of this state..
for those akhawat yg selamat sampai ke bumi Malaysia.. SELAMAT PULANG... hope u enjoy Malaysian foods as much as u can sbb sambal belacan Malaysia tak sama dgn sambal belacan kat Mesir.. ngeee~~

again... when the word DEPART appears in my mind...
all the memories will be back...
and now when ASASI dah nak abes... which is in just 1 month...
the word MISS is already can't be avoided..
the next 6 months without those friends will be such a waste dan menyedihkan..
there will be no more "nanas, sengal la ko.." "nanas, ko ni garang laa.." "nanas,byk gila ko makan.." n so on...

create a good thing so that it will turn out to b a good memory.. ^_~
just like u guys.. the memories in high school.. will never fade..


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