Saturday, November 6, 2010


it has been quite a while since my last post..
bear to read this girls.. just thought something n
wanna share with u guys..

obligation vs hard time = excuse

quite confusing aite..?

the past few days, i've been asked to do something
that i find quite hard to fulfill it..
because of some obstacles..
but then..i received a text (mssg)
it was written there "if u r about to ignore ur responsibility
u shouldn't take it at the very beginning.."
i came to think about it..'s absolutely true..
people who give excuses..
are those who r not responsible enough to give
any commitment..
but don't blame the other party..
if he/she can't make it true..
there'll surely be an explanation about that..

peeps..excuses will bring no good to us..
it might stab us from behind..
whatever u gonna do.. think deeply..
there'll be solutions for any problems/questions..

p/s : sy kena sound dgn abg sy td..kasihan sy..

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